Friday, October 1, 2010


Mess, 2010
gouache, colored pencil, gesso on paper
14" x 18"

My students have been editorializing on their drawings quite a bit this quarter. I think they want to get the jump on any criticism coming their way and demonstrate an awareness that a certain piece isn't their best work - not what they'd be doing if they had a choice.

It can been annoying as a viewer - having the direct voice of the author telling you what to think. So I made them do a drawing that was comprised completely of writing (to get it out of their systems). It worked with mixed results; the most dedicated writers seemed most at a loss to compose their commentary into a cohesive composition.

This is the drawing that I did as an example - fitting as it describes the current state of my artist mind perfectly. It's hard for me to focus on making work when school starts up and all my creative energy is directed there.