Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Prize, Art Prize, Arty Arty Art Prize

Francis and I had serious fun times in Grand Rapids, MI setting up for Art Prize this past weekend.  GR is a fun town!

I installed Candy Store grid (at least a part of it) in the front window area of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.  If any of you are out and about in Grand Rapids - vote for me!  The instructions for doing so are on the Art Prize site and my number to vote me up is 51271.

Some pics of the work:
from outside looking in

my labels!
grandiose candy store
note the white frames...

Faculty Show 2011

Fall is upon us, and that means it's time for the Sinclair Fall Faculty Show.  This year I decided to keep it simple and show some paintings.  I've really felt like committing to painting lately (although sometimes it feels like a scary commitment).  Both pieces are looking their best under the bright lights of the Triangle Gallery.

Traffic and Francis Dance, Triangle Gallery, Sinclair Community College

Francis Dance (diptych), 2011, water-soluble oil on canvas, 24" x 46"

Francis Dance, was shown in Cavort and I've posted the two separate parts of it on this blog.  I like it best as a diptych, however, as it's shown here. The original painting is the one on the left.  It was inspired by a dance Francis was doing (I think an imitation of the Swedish dancing demonstrated by the women of ABBA in their heyday) while wearing his blue striped overalls.  The pink on black companion piece was done a couple of days later as a further exploration of the "dancer" motif.  Once finished they seemed to go together - it's nice to dance with a partner after all, and the flipped orientation helped them fit.

Traffic is my most recently resolved painting, inspired by the black on yellow traffic sign arrows that help you nudge in when going around a curve.
Traffic, 2011, water-soluble oil on canvas, 40" x 40"

Francis Dance detail